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Our Story

Poké (rhymes with ‘okay’) is a beloved Hawaiian dish with pan-asian roots. Simple yet savory, sushi-grade fish is cubed, seasoned with flavorful sauces, and mixed with tasty toppings.

Over the years, our sushi-crazed team fell in love with poké, and after enjoying, studying, and experimenting with variations from all over the world, our team is excited to bring our vision of poké to Chicago.

At Poke Poké, we use tuna, salmon, scallop, shrimp, octopus, and tofu with different mixtures including seaweed, onions, cucumber, and more to create a fresh, light, delicious meal. You can build your own bowl or choose from our chef-crafted signature bowls. Additionally, we are delighted to serve Japanese-style bento boxes featuring king crab legs (Kani), fresh sea urchin (uni), or grilled eel (unagi). Our menu is updated frequently so check back often for new concoctions!

We believe the best poké is made with the freshest ingredients, and we are committed to providing only the highest quality fish and seasonal seafood in each bowl. All of our sauces and sides are carefully made in-house, and crafted to perfectly complement your poké choices. We are constantly experimenting with ingredients in our kitchen to only serve what is fresh, delicious, and exciting. That is our commitment to you!